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refuge in exile


brandon krebs


Avant-Garde Pop for everyone, filled with romantically gloomy soul voyages. Refuge in Exile is the second full release from Brandon Krebs, Seattle based singer/songwriter/producer who started creating music under his own name for this release.  A change up from the guitar centric release "Tethered to a Piece of Falling Sky" (under the moniker Stranded Sullivan), Refuge in Exile's instantly breath taking sweep and rhythmic hooks challenge its title's reveal of how it was made intimately & mindfully in an uncertain two-year period of the artist's life.  The nine-song full length due out on vinyl in March 2017, comes from an urgently transitional period in which Krebs moved four times in 4 years.  Refuge majestically opens the sound-scape up to many layers of texture, with unusual arrangements and fascinatingly diverse melodies in its chamber-rock elegance.  The album explores the themes of treasured solitude and the struggle to be oneself and live the life one wants to live rather than pursue a path you're taught to want and the inherent struggles that follow.

“Alarm Pheromones’ gives some idea of what the album is about, but only some. Brandon Krebs explores different musical approaches and packs in some considerable variety across the nine songs. Keeping the listener in expectation of what’s next is fine, as long as the quality is there, and with this album that’s a positive yes.”
— Beehive Candy

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Refuge in Exile

by Brandon Krebs

Avant-Garde Pop for everyone, filled with romantically gloomy soul voyages

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News & Updates

New Album "Refuge in Exile" to be released in MARCH 2017!


RECORD RELEASE party Sunday, April 2nd at The Sunset Tavern, Seattle WA